Gut Schwarzenbach
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An 18th-century manor castle surrounded by an arboretum with a pond, fountain, and drawbridge
Luxury apartments with all the attributes of our time, located near the picturesque Lake Wolfgangsee.
Nestled amongst the luscious arboretum, the 18th-century Schwarzenbach villa is the ultimate destination where the enchanting Alpine peaks and the smooth surface of the mountain lakes invite you to forget the turmoil of the rest of the world. This stunning noble estate boasts a private pond, illuminated fountains and a drawbridge, having been transformed into a luxury villa with an array of well-chosen premium amenities that sits right by the picturesque Lake Wolfgangsee, just a 40-minute drive from Salzburg.
The land plot, where the villa is situated, is distinctively unique due to the fact that it is set close by to Wolfgangsee, one of Austria's best and most popular lakes among tourists and locals. Moreover, the first line of this lake is included in the price of the Schwarzenbach villa, greatly enhancing the appeal of the property.
m² small plot on the lake
Living close to the infrastructure
and cultural events in Vienna and at the same time
close to parks and forests
All for comfortable living
The Schwarzenbach villa combines classic features with modern furniture and details, forming a coherent, harmonious interior. To create a unique style, an ensemble of antique motifs and the latest technology is used as a juxtaposition of the past and the present. As a result, the interior of the villa perfectly combines marble and wood in its vintage design, recreating the spirit of past eras.
The luxurious Schwarzenbach has 13 rooms, 5 of which are bedrooms, all located on the second floor of the residence. That being said, the villa owner will be able to benefit from an expansive selection of bespoke amenities, matching the quality of a luxury boutique hotel.
rooms in vintage design
Living area
953 m²
Indoor swimming pool
85 m²
Covered garage for
4 cars
– A dining room featuring a unique parquet floor, stucco ceilings and panelled walls with processed wood finishes, which is located on the first floor. The dining room also houses a kitchen fitted with world-class appliances from La Cornue; a leading French brand widely renowned for its handcrafted and impeccable design.
– Elevators. The residence is equipped with stylish elevators on each floor.
– A wine cellar is situated on the ground floor and boasts a stone lining, which is traditionally found in the cellars of Italy, Spain and France.
– The wine cellar also houses a unique collection of antique swords.
–Bowling room.
– Wellness center. Spanning across 230 sq. m, the wellness area includes a hammam pool, a mirror room for pilates/dance/yoga classes, showers and a sauna with a relaxation room. Not forgetting a generously-sized indoor swimming pool of 85 sq. m, gorgeously lined with Italian glass mosaic stones.
– Billiard room with panoramic windows.
– Library, which can be used as a spacious office.
– Terrace with 2 delightful winter gardens to the right and left of the entrance to the Schwarzenbach villa.
– Men’s and women’s lounges. These are 2 separate reception rooms that reflect the character and status of the owner.
m² Wellness center with indoor pool
2ND Floor
Dating back to 1706, the Schwarzenbach villa boasts a rich history. In fact, until 1930, the Schwarzenbach estate was home to the descendants of German aristocrats; Petrus and Judith von Goerschen, members of an ancient German noble family that has been known since the 12th century.

Until 2014, the villa belonged to Denes Festetics de Tolna, a member of the Festetics family, whose history dates back to 1566. The Festetics were a noble and wealthy family that came to Austria-Hungary from Croatia and became famous as patrons of the arts and sciences
It is also worth noting that the garage, swimming pool and tower were constructed by the talented architect Heinz Karbus between 1974 and 1989.

Meanwhile, in order to overhaul the property, the present owner of the Schwarzenbach villa hired one of the country’s leading construction companies in Salzkammergut; ZEBAU. The entire renovation finished in 2020 and contractors did everything by hand, preserving the uniqueness of the property.
Surrounded by picturesque forests, mountains and lakes
The Schwarzenbach villa is surrounded by an arboretum of almost 90,000 sq. m, which is home to many rare trees, most of them belonging to the kingdom of conifers. Across the land plot, one can find astonishing sculptures that blend harmoniously into the natural landscape. That being said, one of the sculptures is a stone bench with an impressive historic background, as it was purchased from the great French emperor and military leader; Napoleon I Bonaparte.
The Schwarzenbach villa is located in the small town of St Wolfgang im Salzkammergut, in the famous lake region of Salzkammergut. The area around St. Wolfgang has been well known among European aristocrats since the 19th century. This picturesque location, with its clear air and quality water, has been attracting visitors for the past 300 years. St. Wolfgang is often described as a fairy-tale town with cozy houses, generously painted with frescos.
m² park surrounding the castle
90 000
During the summer months, the town and its surroundings turn into a hub for recreational activities such as tennis, golf and horseback riding.

That being said, water activities are available on the lake and include diving, water skiing, windsurfing, swimming and fishing. Moreover, St. Wolfgang regularly hosts all kinds of musical events like operetta evenings, jazz festivals and classical concerts. In winter, the best ski resorts can be reached in just a half an hour drive from St. Wolfgang.
St. Wolfgang regularly hosts all kinds of musical events: operetta evenings, jazz festivals, classical concerts.
Salzburg, an old town at the northern foothills of the Alps on the German border, is the hometown of the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Built in the Baroque style, Salzburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides being home to Austria's second largest airport, it features many museums, cathedrals, parks, boutiques and famous restaurants
St. Gilgen is a spa resort at 542 m above sea level that offers water sports, fishing and hiking in the summer, as well as skiing and snowboarding in the winter. The town is famous for its period baroque cathedrals and the fact that it is home to Mozart's mother Anna Maria, along with museums of musical instruments and a unique doll museum. The resort also has an alpine lookout point (1,521m) on the Schafberg, which can be reached by climbing the unique spur steam railway, and is the steepest in Austria (the railway has been open since 1893).
The Schwarzenbach villa is a 30 to 40-minute drive away from the below-mentioned locations:
St. Gilgen
Bad Ischl is the best thermal spa in Upper Austria with its curative mineral springs. It is the largest and most popular health resort in Upper Austria, with unique mineral waters and mud. In addition, one can enjoy the tea house of Empress Elisabeth, the villa of composer Franz Lehár and the summer residence of Kaiser Franz Joseph, all of which are located in Ischl.
Postalm am Wolfgangsee is a ski resort with 20 kilometers of downhill runs, 9 rope tow lifts and snowboarding schools.
Bad Ischl
Postalm am Wolfgangsee
Hallstatt is a town that goes back over 3,000 years and is considered one of the most beautiful lakeside villages in the world. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, it is visited every year by thousands of tourists to see the world's oldest salt mine and to enjoy the scenic view from the stunning Hallstatt Skywalk.
Zwolferhorn is a mountain 1,493 m high that offers an array of exciting activities like skiing, paragliding, mountain hiking and mountain biking. Zwolferhorn also houses the famous cable car, named after the mountain peak, which takes just 11 minutes to reach an altitude of 908 meters, inspiring you with its spectacular panoramic views.
The Schwarzenbach boasts close proximity to many of the most gorgeous lakes in Austria, including:
With its enormous size, excellent infrastructure nearby and an extensive selection of high-quality entertainment and leisure facilities, the Schwarzenbach villa can be purchased not only as a private residence, but also as an investment property. For example, the estate can be transformed into a luxury boutique hotel or rented out for all kinds of events, including social receptions, festivals, weddings, soirees and more.
A family nest or boutique hotel
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